Waqar Zaka, is born on 17th July,  recognized as a famous Satellite, TV host, currently one of the most well-known Pakistani Social media content producer, Social Media Activist, a Daring Social worker (helping people in restricted areas of BURMA, SYRIA etc.), Video director, editor, concept writer and trend setter for reality shows & SELFIE VIDEO content maker in Pakistan.


Waqar Zaka is the leading Crypto Influencer from Sub Continent

As Social Media Activist, he is very famous for practically helping many, especially females in many cases from Cybercrime to harassment to acid victims to child abuse. You will not see any famous entertainer using his social media fan following from SNAPCHAT to Facebook LIVE helping people in need.

He is Pakistan’s leading content creator for Social media campaign & promotions, currently working for Pakistan’s biggest and highest rated (as per TV rating agency Media Logic) Satellite TV network, ARY DIGITAL.

At the age of 15, he wrote, sung, produced & director a Music Video, Student’s Anthem, “NAHIE PHARA MEI NEY PHORA SAAL” (I have not studied for the exams) which is still popular in students.

Professionally, he started his career as a TV host at ARY Digital (2002), a popular Pakistani Satellite television network. In 2002, when Indo-Pak TV industry was stuck in “LIVE CALL” to simple topic discussion based TV shows, Waqar, introduced a unique TV show format, LIVING ON THE EDGE, where random people on the streets were asked to perform Dares, not only that, Waqar became famous for being the only TV host, performing deadly dares himself, kissing 20 cobras to putting his head in crocodile, facing a wild lioness to reaching restricted areas of the World & helping people in need. Pakistani TV screen was experiencing a brand new change as Waqar taking Living on the edge on a different level, introduced a brand new format of Auditioning contestants, this new format of interviewing people, which according Waqar was a “Stress Test” became so famous that same format was adopted by MTV India for their travel reality show “Roadies”. (Before that MTV Roadies was a travel show, where contestants use to explore India on bikes, it can easily be checked from the Internet that there was not the format of Auditions till MTV Roadies-season3, which was recorded after Living on the edge Sind Tour). According to Hindustan Times ‘Raghu director and creator of MTV Hero Roadies (longest running reality show on Indian television) was inspired by Waqar’s hosting techniques and sharp interviewing techniques from his reality TV shows.  Also when there was no concept of treating a TV show as s suspense thriller using mood changing background music editing techniques, he introduced this new method of editing a TV show, changing background music on every incident, creating suspense through “After the break” technique, which changed how we watch TV shows and News today.

Living on the Edge was seen as Pakistan’s first dare reality show and the highest rated youth show (as per TV ratings of Media Logic). The show was directed, edited & produced by Waqar himself, where he introduced this new concept of “Host being the Judge” of the show. Contestants from around Pakistan were selected through a tough personal interview phase, later 16 contestants use to stay for 10 days at a lavish place called “WAQAR’S DEN”, performing physical to mental dares, facing each other politics, vote outs & elimination. This is the longest running reality show of Pakistan and only show sponsored by a brand (Mountain Dew) for more than eight years.

In 2006, his format, “XPOSED” made the biggest impact, as it was the first TV show with the concept aimed not only to expose crime happening in Pakistan but a criminal based show where the host does not only discuss issues and helps solve issues on the individual basis. Today the same format is followed by leading News channels of Pakistan, e.g. Sare-e-Aam on ARY NEWS, Target on AJJ NEWS etc.

In 2006, he gained a lot of respect and fame for doing TV shows on tracking, exposing & arresting (through www.nr3c.gov.pk) criminals blackmailing females by posting their private pictures & videos on social media.

He started another reality show by the name King of Street Magic giving the platform to Pakistani paranormal investigators to illusionists but that got banned due to its controversial fights between magicians.

In 2006, he became Vice President of ARY MUSIK, after which he became very famous for providing easy access to new talent, from introducing New VJs to promoting Pakistani music videos through “Video on trial” to giving platform to Vine artist and several other shows like Cricket Challenge, VJ Hunt which focused only on promoting new talent.

In 2007, he started hosting Desi Kudiyan on ARY DIGITAL, (a concept by Jerjess Seja & Obaid Khan) focusing on urban females facing eastern village life. Waqar felt that ‘in a country, with cultural constraints, we can not have beauty pageants he, therefore, took the concept of Desi Kuriyan.

In 2008, Waqar, became more famous and the only host, challenging all claiming to have supernatural powers to try bringing Jinnat (Ghost) or casting spell on him during a LIVE show for a huge prize money. This took place in ARY DIGITAL’s Morning show, after its popularity, Black magic, and Jinnat topic became a part of all the morning shows in Pakistan.

In 2010, he started the concept of “SELFIE VIDEOS”, traveling around the world, posting travel log videos on his Facebook which gained so much popularity that, he became the first Pakistani media personality that was approached by “LINE app”, a Korean company to promote its application, develop and design content to cover the Cricket World Cup 2015. Later a Chinese company called “ZAPYA” hires him (mobile publishing tool that allows sharing of digital content) for application promotion in Pakistan.

In 2015, his “SELFIE VIDEO” not only gained more fame but respect from around the world, as he became the first Muslim who could reach Sittwe city of Burma (where even the leading News Channels or international NGOs fail to reach & help people in need) , all alone, not only recorded the reality of Rohingya Muslims but helped the people in need. Hence, he motivated many others, that without any NGO or TV channel or Government support, one can simply use his mobile cam & social media pages to help the people in trouble.

In the same year, he reached Aleppo, Syria, rescued families, and got them proper accommodation in Turkey. After that, he made this as a mission, a challenge for himself, where ever he saw others cannot reach, he use to take donations himself and this is the main objective of “Waqar Zaka Foundation” too.

In 2016, he became the most famous Pakistani person on SNAPCHAT, where he became the first Pakistani to give infotainment on topics like sexual awareness to Islamic concepts, till today, he is followed by millions because of his blunt and entertaining snaps.

Early Life

Educational Background

Waqar Zaka was born in Tehran, Iran but belongs to a Sunni family, as his father was working for U.N. and use to shift from one country to another. His educational background consists of passing his Matric from B.V.S PARSI High School, Karachi, Pre-Engineering from Adamjee College and graduated from N.E.D University of Engineering & Technology as a Civil Engineer. He decided to change his career path into Media and Film and decided to do masters specializing in TV & Film from New York Film Academy. He was the only member of the family that decided to take up this field of entering the media.


Waqar Zaka is single, never got engaged or married, though there are many rumors but he never got into any official relationship. Currently, he is living in Karachi, Waqar’s father is Zaka-ud-Din, comes from a Punjabi family and worked for the United Nation. In 1980 he shifts to Karachi, Pakistan, became famous in the telecom industry for starting Pakistan’s first manufacturing unit of Intercom named as National Intercom Industry and exported it to many other countries. His mother is Samia Yaseem is a housewife and comes from a Kashmiri family. He has 3 younger sisters.

Waqar Zaka loves traveling, exploring the world, sharing his travel with his followers, that is the reason, he is Pakistan’s most active person on SNAPCHAT to other social media platforms. Traveled over 90 countries, he is intro adventure sport, from scuba diving to Skydiving. He loves EDM, (Electronic Dance Music), visiting “Tomorrow Land to Ultra Music festival” waving Pakistani flag and spreading the message of peace along with other countries.